Eliminating The Communication Barriers of Email

The internet has had a significant impact on the way people interact with each other. It has created a cold and distant generation. For some, this distance provides comfort, however for others it is distressing. With reverse email look-up this problem is alleviated, and the personal touch brought back to communication.One way in which reverse email look-up does this is through reducing the ability of people to stay anonymous. With the level of anonymity currently available to people, dark sides of human nature come out. As shown in a psychology study by Millgram, when people have a barrier of separation between them and the person they are hurting, they have an easier time committing cruel acts. By partially breaking down that barrier, more polite and classy internet interactions are formed. Furthermore, the ability to find personal information from email addresses alone helps reduce the prevalence of spam, since when people are able to find the identity of the spammer, one is much less likely to spam. Through reducing anonymity, and thus increasing accountability, reverse email look-ups are helping reshape internet interactions.Not only does reverse email look-up prevent people from being completely anonymous, but it also helps people become more in-touch with each other. Online dating is an example of a place in which this is especially important, since its entire purpose is to help people get to know each other. Being able to find out more information about the other party in an internet dating relationship is necessary for safety, as well as ensuring the other party is not a "bot," or a computer tasked with manipulating people and extracting money from them using deceptive means. This has happened to thousands, as documented in the NPR radio show, Radiolab. Another form of contact that reverse email look-up assists in forming is the personal call. This is useful because email alone tends to be slow and inconvenient. Furthermore, in the case one has any reason to be concerned about the well-being of another, but does not have a phone number for that person, they are able to simply look it up using the email address. Thus, reverse email look-up allows people to protect the well-being of others. The increased intimacy reverse email look-up provides helps protect people and bring them closer together.There are many positives with reverse email look-ups, however the negative side must be considered as well. There are crimes associated with the misuse of this service, for using it to market products and harass others is illegal. Furthermore, reverse look-ups may only be performed on those within the United States, thus limiting usefulness to only a part of the internet community. This is only a minor limitation however, considering the immense amount of United States internet users. The more significant problem people see with reverse email look-ups is the issue of privacy. Many people do not like the idea that simply emailing another person can open up access to a wide variety of personal information. This is remedied, however, with the ability to "opt-out", or block the ability of others to view the information associated with an email address. With all the negatives present, care must be taken to use reverse email look-ups properly.Actually using reverse email look-up services are relatively simple, thus paving the way for widespread adoption. Some sites that provide an example of this service are "" and "." They make it as simple as entering an email and waiting for results, thus reducing weeks of detective-work to seconds of typing and waiting for an easily readable report to come back. With such a simple user interface, reverse email look-ups deliver a large payload of information to even those with the lowest level of computer literacy. With widespread adoption on the horizon, reverse email look-up services are about to see a boom in usage.Identity becomes an even more integrated part of the internet with the proliferation of reverse email look-up services. With all the benefits they provide, they are enticing, yet one must balance their usage with caution, for if they are misused, there are serious consequences. With a condition known as "e-isolation" increasing due to an excessive focus on impersonal internet interactions, the need for increased internet identification is obvious. The dawn of the information age has reshaped the world for centuries to come, yet, if humanity is not careful, it may not be for the better.