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? An Unusual Way Of Writing Articles, But It Works
I am sure that anyone who is involved in Article Marketing has occasionally thought ?If there was only a more efficient way to write articles.? The system that I use is different and what some may call unusual or even weird, but it works and I want to share it with you.

When I first started writing articles for a living I searched the internet and came up with a list of ?power? words and phrases that I reference when creating headlines for my articles. This is something that I suggest that you do as well. Simply run a Google search, visit some of the results. Cut and paste the words and phrases that you find in a text document for easy reference. This will save time when you are brainstorming for a headline.

This is the process I use for writing articles, step by step.

1.) Open up your favorite text editor and create an article consisting of the headline only. Save it and continue repeating the process until you have the number of articles you want to work on. I usually save about 10 articles as headlines only and then move to step 2.

2.) Open all of the articles so they are spread across your task bar.

3.) Write the opening and closing paragraph for each of your articles.

4.) Start writing the body of one of the articles that you have open. It does not matter which any of them will do.

5.) If you get bogged down on the current article that you are working on then simply switch to another and so on until you have completed all of them

As I said some may call my process of writing odd, unusual, or weird but it lets me produce articles at a faster rate than simply plugging away one at a time. If I am at a loss for words in one I just switch to another. In no time I have completed them all.

What I have shown you above may not be one of the ?secrets? of article marketing but it seems to help me write articles in a more efficient way. Give it a try and see if you like it.

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